The fully optical target
for 25m and 50m pistol and small bore rifle
The target LS25/50 LASERSCORE is designed for small bore rifle and pistol. Equipped with a integrated red/green light signal, the target can also be used for rapid fire pistol.

Multiple optical precision measurement
across the whole target plane

Contact-free recording of the projectile
with 160’000 measurements per second
No rubber rolls
No mechanical moving parts
Extraordinary accuracy
Weatherproof for outdoor shooting
For any ammunition (single projectiles)

Many configuration possibilities
(e.g. reinforced front frame for steel jacket bullets)
Integrated red/green light signal for 25m pistol
Best price / performance ratio

«LS25/50 – basic configuration of the target for 25m resp. 50m rifle and pistol»
«LS25/50 – Installation, Start-up, Maintenance»
«TCU25 STYX Time Control Unit – Installation, Operation»
«STYX network – Installation, Start-up, Function control / updates / support»

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